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Our experience

Pradhanbros Pvt. Ltd. has grown relatively fast as an Advertising Agency, Web Design & development provider, hoarding and outdoor service provider. Pradhanbros Pvt. Ltd. is a flagship company started in the year 2009 by two enterprising brothers Bishist Pradhan & Bishal Pradhan.

Pradhanbros Pvt. Ltd. is a fully functional advertising and outdoor OOH agency with offices Siliguri and head office in Gangtok. We are also a full cycle digital/web design and development agency specialising in Web Strategy, Usability Design and User experience, Web Technologies and Digital Marketing.

From billboard/hoarding site owners in Sikkim , Siliguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong , North Bengal to becoming vendors for Telecom and FMCG companies to an fully fledged and multifunctional Advertising agency, Website Designing, Development & Software development company our life is an exciting mix of challenges, tough deadline, unique opportunities and overall consistency in our way and style of functioning. We have recently launched a new website dedicated to outdoor hoarding and OOH branding solution www.bookyourhoarding.com

Our company was has 5 years of successful operation. We have success stories from across industries ranging from FMCG, Telecom, IT, Education, Healthcare, Travel, Media & Entertainment, NGOs, Hospitality and Government. We are uniquely positioned today with varied experience and success stories in Sikkim, Bhutan, Darjeeling, Hyderabad, Mumbai and North Bengal, and with well defined quality process and practices governing us.

As we have grown, the allied supporting industry like paper suppliers, digital printers, flex printers, local and national newspapers and regional media houses have associations with us for the full support for any advertising and digital marketing related work.

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