• Pradhanbros Offers Emailer design and email blast solution to reach you targeted customers at an affordable rate. We also offer Bulk SMS service to B2b and B2C clients.
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E-mail & SMS Service

Email Solution for enterprise with Anti-virus/Anti-spam Service

Email is critical for today's businesses. However the growth of junk email, computer viruses and email abuse has become a threat to the continuity of business email. Pradhanbros E-mail Solution prevents current and evolving email threats from reaching your organization's network. It incorporates spam filtering, virus blocking and for mails.

Features :

*At extra cost

Enterprise Shared Hosted Solution :

Pradhanbros E mail solution is a cost-effective email hosting solution offered as a service to have email@your domain without upfront investment in infrastructure.

Features are :

E mailer Design & e- Mail Marketing :

We also create e-mailer design and provide email blast solution for B2C and B2B customers. Promotional Emailers are an effective medium to reach your targeted audience at a very reasonable rate. You can define the target segments as per the category and effectively send promotional emails. (Include some pics of emailers which we have done)

SMS Promotion :

Send SMSes to your existing or prospective database using the Bulk SMS platform. Pradhanbros provides a web-based platform through which you can send and manage messages, manage opt-in database and view detailed delivery reports.

Use the Bulk SMS product for SMS marketing, SMS reminders, information /education through SMS, timely alerts, introducing a new customer touch-base point with personalized communication.

Our SMS Promo Features :

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